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Rahul Phate

Youth Touch Age Repair Night Cream - 40 gm - Buy one Get one Free

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  • An Aesthetic skin Treatment Product for reducing aging. Youth Touch age repair cream is potentiated with Allantoin Vitamin E, Sodium Lactate, and Special skin protective Silicones. Allantoin provides Rejuvenating.
  • Vitamin E neutralizes free radicals. Sodium lactate lightens the skin and reduces hairline wrinkles in the special nourishing base. 
  • Every night application with gentle massage strengthens the dermis, reducing wrinkle formation. 
  • Best skin firming cream, when used with Re-care at night for oily skin. 
  • A must-Product in the treatment of every 40-plus person to get complete firming of skin when the skin is non-oily.

How to use: Apply Youth Touch Cream with gentle massage. Keep applied overnight. Also, apply around the eyes for better results.

Ingredients: Water, Tea, Glycerine, Dimethicone, EDTA, BHT, Methyl Paraben, Perfume. 

Shipping Time: 3-5 days


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