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Amayra Naturals is A Clean Conscious n Caring Skincare Brand with its roots in Aromatherapy, Green Chemistry, and Himalayan Rituals.

Our Brand belongs to the Hill State of Uttarakhand and works closely with the Pahadi Women, we source our ingredients from small-batch farmers, formulate according to our old beauty secrets blend them with healing essential oils & green actives carefully and hygienically bottling them in recyclable packaging

Our Pahadi Beauty Recipes and Secrets boast of a wide range of highly effective state-grown plants such as Hemp, Apricot Gutti Ka Tel, Himalayan Haldi (Turmeric) , Pahadi Gulaab Rose, Hibiscus which we infuse with the Green Actives in our state of the art facilities.

Every product tells a story of effective beauty rituals which have come down from one generation to another. Our Labels feature the Folk Art of Uttarakhand - Aipan which is done by the women in Uttarakhand on special religious occasions.

Come Experience Plant-Based Beauty with Amayra Naturals.

Amayra Naturals
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