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Shade Story

Volume Lash Party 2 In 1 Mascara

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Volume mascara for generating gorgeous volume and dramatic lashes is here: Shade Story Volume Lash Party 2 in 1 Mascara! This cutting-edge beauty product, which is offered by Beauty Relay London, is gradually gaining recognition as the top brand for the best waterproof mascara and eye mascara. With only one swipe of Shade Story Volume Mascara, you can effortlessly go from having boring lashes to having dramatic ones. Everywhere you go, people will notice your bold, lush lashes thanks to the particular formula's ability to add maximum volume. This mascara's best brand volumizing effect is absolutely unrivaled, making it the go-to option for anybody looking to draw attention to their lashes. This eye mascara function is genuinely ground-breaking. A volumizing brush and a defining brush are located on opposite sides of the dual-ended wand that is included with the product. By adding volume and definition to your lashes, you can customize their appearance to suit every event. Shade Story Volume Mascara may give you either a big and voluminous appearance or a more natural and fluttery effect.


  • Unbeatable Volume: The mascara's best brand, an unbeatable volume. The Lash Party 2 in-1 Mascara was created exclusively to give your lashes the most volume possible, giving them a fuller, thicker, and more dramatic appearance. The stunning volume that will make your eyes jump is the new flat and lifeless lash!
  • Wand with Two Ends: This mascara comes with a wand that has two ends, one with a volumizing brush and the other with a defining brush. This gives you the ability to alter the appearance of your eyelashes by adding volume and definition for a completely unique and striking outcome.

How to use: Pulling the wand through the small orifice adds definition, while pulling it through the large orifice allows you to add volume.

Shipping Time: 5-7 days


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