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Satin Scrunchies - Set of 2 - Black & White

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A set of 2 High Quality Satin Scrunchies. Choose your combination as Black-Black, White-White or Black-White.


  1. Reduced Hair Damage: Satin is a smoother fabric compared to cotton or elastic, so it causes less friction and reduces breakage or damage to your hair. Regular hair ties can cause pulling, snagging, and breakage, but satin scrunchies are gentler, especially for those with delicate or easily damaged hair.

  2. Less Frizz and Tangling: Satin helps in maintaining the moisture balance in your hair, reducing frizz and tangling. It prevents the hair from rubbing against a harsher fabric, which can lead to static and frizz.

  3. Preservation of Hairstyles: Satin scrunchies are often recommended for protecting specific hairstyles, like curls or braids, as they help maintain the shape and prevent disruption of the style.

  4. Gentle on Hair: The soft texture of satin is gentle on the hair, especially during sleep. Using a satin scrunchie to tie up your hair at night can prevent tangles and knots, leading to smoother, healthier-looking hair in the morning.

  5. Stylish and Versatile: Apart from the functional benefits, satin scrunchies come in various colors and designs, making them a fashionable accessory that complements different outfits and hairstyles.


  • Size - Medium
  • Diameter - 11 cm

Shipping Time: 5-7 days