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  • Satin Hair Bonnet
  • Satin Hair Bonnet
  • Satin Hair Bonnet
  • Satin Hair Bonnet
  • Satin Hair Bonnet
  • Satin Hair Bonnet
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Inari Naturals

Satin Hair Bonnet

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Curl Protection is important to make sure you don't wake up with a cotton ball on your head! 

  • Why you should be wearing a satin bonnet? Have you wanted to wake up in the morning with perfect hair? We might just have the solution for you.
  • You already know about using a satin pillowcase, but what about a satin bonnet? They will leave your hair with no kinks or tangles.
  • NO SPLIT ENDS When you sleep with a satin bonnet, it will protect your hair from dryness.
  • Your hair will no longer have friction and be fighting against your moisture-absorbing cotton pillowcase.
  • With more moisture in your hair, you’ll be able to reduce breakage, tangles, and hair loss.
  • NO MORE HEADACHES Using a satin bonnet to protect your hair means no more sleeping in tight ponies or braids! This means no more daily headaches.
  • MORE TIME TO SLEEP Yep, you heard that right!
  • When you sleep in a satin bonnet you can sleep in later. satin bonnets allow you to keep your hair looking fresh all night long.

The bonnets are made to easily fit your head and not cause any headache while you take your beauty sleep!

How to use: Flip hair upside down, place your hands and bend down, stretch over curls, or alternatively you can tie your hair with a satin scrunchie loosely. Place all hair inside the bonnet and pull the adjustable string to fit your length. Voila! You're set for the night!

Benefits: Pure Satin fabric, Eliminates hair breakage

Shipping Time: 5-7 days


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