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  • Microfiber Towel
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Microfibre Towel - For Frizz Free Hair!

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When it comes to drying your hair, ditch your body towel and go for a material that’s not only softer, but better for your hair overall.

  • When hair is wet, it’s extremely vulnerable—so when you dry it with a terry cloth towel, this results in disaster.
  • All of a sudden you’re roughing up the hair shaft, causing frizz and damage, and even encouraging split ends!
  • Hair towels, on the other hand, are created specifically for your strands, so while the fabric does the drying, it never pulls on your tresses or harms your hair.
  • Along with being super lightweight and portable, they're also easy to use—simply wrap your hair and voila.
  • Material: Microfiber, cotton | Absorbency: Super | Hair Type: All hair types | Machine Washable: Yes | Size: 40x60 380gsm

How to use: Gently scrunch off excess water after styling your hair to quicken drying time

Benefits: Microfiber cotton reduces hair breakage, speeds up hair drying

Material - Microfiber Cotton

Shipping Time: 5-7 days


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