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  • Rahul Phate Anti Ageing kit
  • Rahul Phate Anti Ageing kit
  • Rahul Phate Anti Ageing kit
  • Rahul Phate Anti Ageing kit
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Rahul Phate

Mature Women Young Look Kit

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  1. Nirmal moisturizer is grade # 1 peel for dehydrated and dry skin. The pH of the moisturizer is adjusted to replenish the Acid enamel of the skin. It removes dead tissue from the skin and minimizes epidermal wrinkles. Apply overnight to minimize epidermal wrinkles and wash in the morning just with plain water.
  2. The right choice for oily skin is Saffron-light skin lightening gel. Sodium Lactate, Kojic acid, Niacinamide, and Arbutin reduce Melanin accumulation and provide effective skin lightening. Vitamin E and Allantoin help heal the hormonal and photodamage, thereby reducing hyper-pigmentation. Cucumber juice with Kojic acid and Arbutin drastically improves complexion. Effectively reduces the tan and darkening of the skin making it patch-free and even.
  3. It forms a thin beautiful, brightening film on the skin to provide bright, even, tan-free, non-patchy looks. It contains special Skin moisturizing Trehalose and Moisture enhancing silicones. Due to this Photo-Shrink BB Cream does not turn flaky white on the face and provides excellent glow and shine.
  4. Dermo-Detox pack suits all skin types and is made with the study of natural ingredients. When you need perfect balancing of the oil and moisture, protect yourself from the hardships of sun damage and tan, and the natural way of maintaining your skin beautiful, Rahul Phate’s dermo-Detox pack is the best alternative available. DERMATOLOGIST TESTED – Our Detox pack is dermatologist tested & provides optimal results when used daily.

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