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Inari Naturals


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Just like we need that vacation, so does our hair, This one's just quite frequently! Back To Roots helps you remove all the nasty chemicals your shampoo, conditioner or any stylers leave
Detox- Hairtox goes deeply into your roots and pulls out any bad residue that is weighing your hair down
Nourish - Never skip a conditioner- more like never skip a natural conditioner!

How to use:

  • Scoop out 3 spoons of the powder Into a non-metallic bowl.
  • Add 10ml water and mix well until you get a paste-like consistency.
  • Detangle your beautiful hair and start by applying directly on the scalp till the ends.
  • Secure the hair in a shower cap and Wash it off in 10 minutes.
  • Do not let the mix dry on your hair!
  • Wash it well after 10 minutes with water and follow up with Herbal Hair Spa and kick out the dryness!

Benefits: Detoxify your hair and scalp from chemicals, nourishes them

Active Ingredients: Enriched with pure Banana, Mint, Bentonite clay, and more natural scalp-loving powder ingredients!

Shipping Time: 5-7 days


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