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Activated Charcoal Shampoo With Conditioner

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Hairs are everything for your appearance. It’s very important to keep your hair healthy if you want to flaunt them. Nowadays, the poor lifestyle and unhealthy food habits cause a lot of hair problems. This may include hair thinning, breakage, dandruff, and many more. To get a perfect solution for your hair, you need to opt wisely. Treat your hair with the dual benefits of shampoo and conditioner together. Follow a hair regime so that you can take enough care of your hair just like your face and body. Charcoal has taken all over the market when it comes to skincare ingredients. Considered as a hot beauty ingredient, Charcoal has its benefits not limited to skin only but also works wonders on the hair by neutralizing acid and absorbing impurities. Purifying charcoal gently clarifies and removes build-up without stripping away natural nutrients; helps absorb unwanted oil while adding moisture, and shine to your hair. It is the perfect way to clean all hair types.  

Benefits: Activated Charcoal Shampoo gently helps nourish hair, leaving hair irresistibly smooth and beautifully soft.

How to use: Pour into your hand, apply evenly over your wet hair, massage gently, and then rinse thoroughly.

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