TVAM - Wellness through Balance and Ayurveda

TVAM - Wellness through Balance and Ayurveda

Shirodhara - Shirodhara is an age-old soothing Ayurvedic therapy that is part of Panchakarma. Shirodhara is a form of therapy that is meant to provide a sense of balance and calmness to the mind. The word ‘Shirodhara’ comes from Shiro (forehead) and Dhara (flow) and is the process of gently pouring warm and healing oils over the forehead. At Tvam, we are inspired by the approach of healing oils that nourish the body from within. Our handcrafted products are fused with the purest essential oils and extracts. Often blended with Shirodhara’s widely used sesame seed oil, our products aim to heal the mind and body for a lasting glow and confidence, that you can carry with you no matter where you go.

Hair Oil - Henna Anti-Hair Fall

Hair Oil - 21 Herbs Anti-Stress

Hair Oil - Neem Green Tea Anti-Dandruff 

Svasthavrtta - “Svasthavratta" means ‘the ritual of good health.’ Svasthavratta is a part of the ancient Ayurvedic practices that were dedicated to the body’s wellbeing. It is the practice of encouraging a healthy and balanced lifestyle. At Tvam, we believe in the idea of taking care of ourselves. Our products are hand crafted with the notion of promoting a pure and healthy way of life. The notion of Svasthavratta is in fact, at the very core of our foundation.

Rasayana - The practice of Rasayana is to understand and rejuvenate the effects of old age. Tvam is inspired by the idea of creating a lifestyle that revives and stalls the effects of aging. Not just on the skin, but within the mind and body as well. Literally translated as “The Path of Essence”, Rasayana is the practice of living a lifestyle of longevity. Our products are inspired by the idea of Rasayana. Our cruelty-free anti-aging products are rooted in building a lifestyle that reinvigorates the mind, body, and soul. Ensuring that you go on to live a long and healthy life.

Under Eye Cream - Olive

Night Cream - Anti-Wrinkle Mantra

Day Cream - Sandal Olive

Bahya Snehana - Bahaya Snehana, is a traditional healing massage meant to encourage the body’s disposal of toxins. With strong, synchronized strokes, the practitioner provides the body with relief from mental and physical pains. The idea behind the practice is that of pacification. One that we at Tvam value. Our cruelty-free products seek to limit the body’s interaction with foreign toxins and create a lifestyle that dispels their traces from within.

Body Butter - Grapefruit Peach Avocado

Face Pack - Sandalwood

Face Pack - Rose - Glow

Abhyangam - Abhyanga is a therapeutic massage meant to move along the path of your body’s natural bloodstream. All the way to the tips of your toes, and right back to your heart. At Tvam, we recognize the simplicity and beauty of the act of flowing the way the stream goes. Our cruelty-free massage oils are soothing and will remind your mind, body, and soul to not fight the stream, but rather find a way alongside it.

Body Massage Oil - Anti-Cellulite Maya

Dinacharya - "Dinacharya" is the idea of living life within a consistent and invigorating practice to boost longevity and health. Our cruelty-free products are made with exactly this in mind. Dinacharya is the practice of consistent invigoration. Unlike specialist treatments that are meant to cure ailments, Dinacharya embodies the idea of living a lifestyle that sharpens and rejuvenates the mind and body with small, yet consistent effort over a longer period of time. At Tvam, we admire the idea of consistency. Our cruelty-free products cater to a daily lifestyle and are beneficial and rejuvenating in their usage in the long run.
Handmade Soap – Almond Saffron Goat's Milk 

Handmade Soap – Sea Buckthorn

Handmade Soap - Woody Sandalwood 

Handmade Soap – Orange Patchouli Ginger 

Tridosha Hara - Tridosha Hara is the understanding of plants as the result of harmony between 3 essences: vata, pitta and kapha. Tvam’s cruelty-free Keshaposhana Hair Color range is inspired by this synergy and is made of plant ingredients that give nutrition to the scalp and hair. Created with the synergy of 3 essences, the idea of Tridosha can be broken down into vatta, pitta, and kapha. Each is a balanced embodiment of elements that exist within all Hara, or plants. At the heart of Tridosha Hara lies the importance of balance. An interruption to these is the cause of physical degradation. At Tvam, we base our Keshaposhana Hair Color range around this synergy. Our cruelty-free hair dyes are made to promote and maintain this balance in our ingredients and help in nourishing and maintaining your scalp and hair.
Henna Natural - Dark Brown

Henna Natural - Black

Henna Natural - Indigo

Henna Natural - Pure

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