The language of hair colour

The language of hair colour

As you start to develop grey, get your hair coloured professionally at least once, and then at least occasionally. Hair colouring can be pricey and can carve huge chunks out of your diary to maintain. Find out the best shade for your skin tone with the help of your colourist. 

The Glossary:

Baliage (aka balayage): The technique of painting highlights directly on the hair without using foils; this can enable colourist to get colourist closer to the parting/ roots with the bleach. Can give a 'beachy' look and lessens the occurrence of  unwanted regrowth lines sometimes associated with foils highlights or those pulled through a cap.

Demi-permanent colour: Lasts upto 28 shampoos. Contains lower levels of peroxide (which means its less harsh and drying) than permanent colour. Its great for creating natural-looking tone changes (such as taking brown hair to a rich auburn shade) and will cover grey. Gradually fades back to the underlying shade.

Double process: A technical term for having single process colour (all-over colouring of the hair), at the same hair colouring session as having your highlights done.

Glaze (aka gloss): A pigment-laden or clear liquid used to enhance a hair colour temporarily.

Highlights: Streaks or chunks of lighter colour (created through the use of ammonia/ hydrogen peroxide), applied through the hai - usually using foils or pull through a cap.

Permanent Colour: This doesn't wash-out and requires roots touching up every four to six weeks. It contains both ammonia and peroxide, so it can lighten/ darken and/ or completely change your hair colour; It can also cover grey.

Peroxide: Otherwise known as hydrogen peroxide, extensively used in hair colouring as a 'developer' or 'activator'. Its role is to open up the cuticle and allow bleach or cortex into the cortex of the hair.

Semi-permanent colour: Washes out after six to 12 shampoos. This enhances natural hair colour but won't lighten it and won't cover grey, although it can soften its appearance. 

Semi-temporary: This colour lasts from four to six washes, contains no ammonia and isn't mixed with a 'developer'.

Single Process(Global): All-over colouring of the hair, from the roots at the scalp right through the ends, in one step.

Temporary Colour: Simply coats the hair shafts and rinses out after one shampoo. These cannot lighten hair, but only temporary brighten or darken.

Golden Rule of Hair Colour

  • Don't stray more than one or two shades from your natural colour. It won't suit your skin tone and will be a nightmare to upkeep. 
  • While covering a whole head of grey, don't go darker. It showcases grey and regrowth. Go for a single process and highlights that bring natural hair colour one shade lighter.

So, here are the various options for you to choose from. Keep in mind the above rules and go for your perfect match:

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