The Blush Story!!!

The Blush Story!!!

A subtle hint of pink blusher applied to the cheeks will bring a youthful glow to your complexion and it's uplifting too! Some ways you can make it….

  • Choose a transparent rose blusher - The blusher gives an instant ‘lifting’ effect. Bring back the youthful “Rosiness” is lost by mid-life. It doesn’t mean to turn into a babydoll, but finishing it with a hint of blush: a nude rose or a transparent rose, even a pinkish coral high on cheeks. 
  • Powder Blushers - The cream blushers are the most popular but can try powder for less dry skin. 
  • The right brushes - Cream blushers can be applied with fingers, but a foundation brush is the best way; just ‘feather’ it into the skin with the lightest touch. For a powder blusher, apply an angled blusher brush with a short side on top, laid against cheekbone, to wrap the colour around without overloading it. 
  • Remember: nobody blushes brown - Because many with high colour are scared that pink blusher will draw attention to that, they’re tempted to use bronzer instead of blusher, so that it won’t pickup the redness. Don’t go there. Instead, use the foundation to tone down that redness and then a very soft pinky shade on the top
  • Less is really more - You need a whisper of color not warpaint.

Try these blushers and brushes to start with

THE LIP BAR - USA - Glow On Highlighting Blush



THE LIP BAR - USA - Dual-Sided Powder Brush

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