Skin Aging - Part # 2

Skin Aging - Part # 2

Choosing the right skincare for your skin type is important to get the best results. For better skincare, you need to identify two basic attributes of the skin: its tone and its type.
Skin tone is the colour of the skin determined by the content of melanin, the pigments that give skin its color. The more melanin contents, the darker the skin.
Let’s see some of the common skin tones with the description of unique characteristics.
  • White Skin - People with the lightest complexions are far more susceptible to skin damage and photo-ageing from repeated exposure to sunlight.
    • Advantages - It generally responds well to cosmetic procedures such as dermabrasion, deep acid peels, and cosmetic surgeries.
    • Disadvantages - White skin is more vulnerable to sun damage, redness, and broken blood vessels. It is also prone to rosacea, a form of severe skin inflammation resulting in acne.
    • Conclusion - Use at least an SPF-15 sunscreen, or a foundation with SPF-15. Coat your neck, chest, and hands with sunscreen, too.
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  • Brown Skin - It contains more melanin than white skin, so it's more likely to stay smooth and wrinkle-free longer.
    • Advantages - It tends to be oilier as it contains a greater density of sebaceous oil glands. It helps to keep lines and wrinkles away, so it tends to stay firmer longer.
    • Disadvantages - It's susceptible to inflammation. Mild acne can trigger extreme inflammatory reactions. It can lead to visible scarring, changes in pigment, and large scars called keloids.
    • Conclusion - Avoid skin products that work primarily by irritating or inflaming skin such as astringents. Use the products that contain Alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), a group of natural acids derived from fruit, milk, and other natural substances that works as gentle exfoliants.
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  • Light brown or Yellow Skin - The complexions of people of Asia range from light beige to deep yellow, while people from Italian, Middle East, or the Mediterranean have a distinctive darker white skin with an older undertone. This “extra” melanin gives many of the good qualities and the problems of brown skin.
    • Advantages - Asian skin is mot resistant to sun damage than white skin but the pore tends to be tiny, giving the skin a very smooth appearance, unlike brown skin.
    • Disadvantages - These skin tones can appear sallow or yellowish. It can also be oily with occasional blemishes. Any kind of inflammation can quickly lead to discolouration.
    • Conclusion - Carefully adhering to a healthy diet that hydrates the skin is the best prescription for many medium-skinned people.

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