Nail Polishes, Nail Paints, Acrylic Gels

Nail Polishes, Nail Paints, Acrylic Gels

Nail Polishes - Nail Polish comes in a vast array of fabulous colors. From classic flat colors to up-to-the-minute metallic, pearlised, and iridescent shades including two-tone polishes and glitter varnishes that are great for parties. You’ll need a good range of your favorite nail polishes to act as base colors for your designs. In addition to prerequisite red and pink, you should have nail polishes in black, white, green, blue, and yellow.

Always buy small bottles of nail polish, since larger bottles become sticky and unusable after they have been around for a while. You should also always make sure you don’t transfer dried flakes of polishes on the nails when you paint them.
  • First, shake the bottle or roll it between your palms to mix the polish.
  • Take care not to overload the brush.
  • Apply the first coat by making one stroke down the center of the nail.
  • Avoid touching the cuticle area with polish by leaving a thin line around the edge of the nail.
  • Let it dry naturally and when it is completely dry, apply a second coat to achieve smooth coverage without streaking.

Nail Paints: These acrylic water-based, non-toxic, quick-drying paints can be used to add patterns and details to a nail polish base. A huge range of colors is available. They can be mixed to create other colors and shades. Place a small drop of paint on a palette and close the jar to keep it fresh.

Acrylic Gels: For 3D nail art, you can purchase gel powder in pots or paints in tubes or pens; the latter are good for drawing lines and creating dots. A fine brush can be used for more detailed design.

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