More Hair Please….

More Hair Please….

Hair “oomph” is a real issue. In general, it becomes a little thinner as we age. Thinning hair is a very common beauty woe shared by women from forty-something plus. These can be hormone-related, stress-related hair loss. So what to do in such cases? Answer is simple, we need a product which is more into not just controlling hairloss further but also promoting the hair growth…..

Thank god we have Inari Natura’s Hair Growth Elixir. We also call it "POWERHOUSE" fondly.

The Lightweight Hair Growth Elixir contains innovative and patented ingredients such as Redensyl ®, Procapil®, Ana Gain®, Keratin, and Biotin - that revives hair growth, reduces hair loss, and increases hair density by 8%, corresponding to up to 28’000 new hairs after 3 months of daily use*

  • Keratin - It is major structural fibrous protein to form hair, skin and nails. The health of of the fingernails, hair and skin relies on amount of keratin present in the body at any given time. It increases elasticity and shine which helps in the hair health.
  • Biotin - Biotin strengthens hair, which makes it less likely to break off at the ends, promoting and protecting length. It also improves the infrastructure of keratin, a basic protein that makes up hair, skin and nails. It can improve hair health - including volume and scalp coverage.
  • Anagain - A natural hair growth enhancer that is prepared from edible and organic pea shoots. It simulates new hair growth and prolongs the life cycle of the hair, while restoring vitality and density for fuller, lustrous hair.
    • Simulated hair growth at the root
    • Prolongs the life cycle of hair
    • Fully restores the vitality of hair
    • Helps make hair denser
    • Controls hair loss
    • Restores hair regeneration
  • Procapil - Procapil is a clinically proven ingredient used in our Hair Growth Elixr. Procapil, as hair serum or a hair growth tonic, reduces the effect of DHT on hair loss. It does so by increasing the blood flow when applied to the scalp so that the hair follicles receive nutrition and oxygen supply to prevent hair loss.
    • Reduces hair loss by fighting hair follicle aging and dormant hair follicles
    • Procapil works to keep hair follicles, nourished and healthy so that your hair strands are no longer brittle.
  • Redensyl - It is a newest breakthrough against hair loss. It reduces inflammation of scalp. Also, results in quicker, stronger, and faster hair growth. Redensyl provides nutrients to your scalp and hair follicles and increases the blood flow to your scalp. Nourished hair follicles result in stronger hair strands.
    • Reduces inflammation of scalp
    • Boosts metabolism
    • Increases strength of hair shaft
    • Known to be associated with hair loss when deficient
    • Known to favour hair growth.

Apart from this science, there are some natural ingredients that promotes the hair growth. Hibiscus flower extract from the Swiss Alps provides anti-oxidative essential oils complementing the Redensyl-mediated reinvigorating effect. Touching roots with Amla, Brahmi, Fenugreek, and Jatamasi will moisturize hair and dry scalp and stimulate the renewal of skin cells.

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