Know your brand - mCaffeine

Know your brand - mCaffeine

Why Caffeine?

Caffeine was documented for the first time as an elixir for hair & skin in the Canon of Medicine, inscribed by a Persian physician-philosopher Avicenna. Taking notes which date back to 1025 CE, the best skin and hair care products powered by Caffeine are presented by mCaffeine

​With caffeine as a main ingredient, premium world-class products are maid using Coffee, Green Tea and Chocolate. Caffeine present in Coffee, Green Tea, and Chocolate has magical properties of Hair and Skin Care.

Caffeine does its magic on hair by going to the hair follicles and strengthening the hair roots and hence delays Hair Fall. On Skin, it removes the dead skin, delays the ageing process and works as a powerful antioxidant.

Why Coffee?

Heavenly aroma, a pleasure to our senses, Coffee has become synonymous with the contemporary lifestyle today. Besides being an instant pick-me-up, Coffee is a superfood for your skin and hair all thanks to its rich caffeine content that is packed with loads of antioxidants. Alleviating tan, puffiness & dead skin are among the many benefits of ‘coffee for skin’. From toning and polishing the skin to improving the blood circulation and energizing the skin, the COF-FEEL is real!

Why mCaffeine?

It is India’s 1st​ caffeinated personal care brand with an exciting range of Caffeinated products for young and aspiring millennials.

Its a 100% Vegan & Cruelty-free, Peta certified brand. It has achieved Zero Plastic Footprint to do a bit for the environment. 

The products are FDA approved, Made Safe & dermatologically tested, with no SLS, parabens, silicones & mineral oils. Redefining the age-old notions of beauty associated with colour, never sell insecurities. 

At mCaffeine beauty has no colour or gender. 

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