Know your brand - Inari Naturals

Know your brand - Inari Naturals

The word INARI means Prosperous, and is also the god of prosperity in Japan. Our idea was to have products that grow with time and add prosperity to your life. Simple, Clean, and effective products that do the job beautifully of fulfilling everyone's hair and skin goals

Inari Naturals started with the idea of creating a wholesome clean beauty brand by blending Ayurveda into our daily routines, which is why we’ve separated the grain from the chaff, and found the best Indian ingredients that truly tap into the rituals, ingredients, and processes of Ayurveda. We aim to create products that are free of toxins, are simple and effective, and balance authenticity and accessibility. Our products are 100% natural, SLS and Paraben free, and vegan.

With several research and developments, we carefully handpicked our ingredients which are locally sourced to boost our economy and be sustainable in every way possible. All products are made with love!

With our roots back in Ayurveda, which has existed for thousands of years, we wanted to bring forward products that are a part of your lifestyle and daily routine. Our vision was to provide effective, solution-based natural products with ingredients our customers could relate to. Our USP lies in the quality and selection of handpicked natural ingredients. The products contain 100% natural ingredients, and are SLS and Paraben free and Vegan too! After a rigorous process of research and development, and testing various permutations and combinations of selected ingredients, we swear by the quality of the products.

Our selection expands from Skincare, Haircare, Bodycare, and Accessories. Our Skincare Range consists of 9 premium and effective products like Cleansers, Scrubs and Masks that resolve issues such as acne, pigmentation, tan and more.

Our Haircare products are carefully crafted to cater to all your hair and scalp needs.

The Bodycare range has been curated keeping in mind our Indian skin and natural ingredients that are well known to cater to those needs.

Our Accessories are made with only the finest quality of fabrics and materials, that aren’t harsh on your skin and hair. Our satin scrunchies, satin pillowcases, microfiber towels and bonnets will keep your frizz at bay!

Our merchandise is made for young, confident women who are ready to flaunt their natural hair! Most importantly, we believe in using natural ingredients as the superpower to boost our products.

Our products are genuinely loved by all our customers! To pick a few, our HERBAL HAIR CLEANSER, BANANA HAIR MASK and HAIR GROWTH ELIXIR are most loved and repurchased by our customers. Our Glow Reviving Claytox is another favorite from the skincare collection.

We at Inari Naturals, are always looking forward to coming up with the newest technologies and blending them with our age-old traditions of Ayurveda. We as a brand consistently dedicate our efforts to R&D for products specially formulated for Indian skin and climate. Sustainability has been one of our core values from the very start and we follow through with our No Waste Packaging and Plant a Tree initiative sent out with every order. We wish to promote everyone's dream and look forward towards cherishing the planet's safety! 

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