Facial Oils…

Facial Oils…

The best facial oil sink softly into the skin, plumping and nourishing without ever feeling tacky or greasy. Specific ingredients are often chosen for their age-defying properties, helping to brighten skin or lessen wrinkles.


We love oils, for mature skins. They also work to balance oilier complexions, with the right blend of essential oils. They are also ideal for touchy skin, which may react to synthetic preservatives: oils are naturally self preserving, so don’t need anything extra to extend their life. ‘Think of facial oils as “food” for skin, and “moisturisers” as water. Skin needs both to keep it soft and supple.’

A few drops is all it takes. While they’re sometimes expensive (because of the cost of the concentrated botanicals in the blends), a bottle of facial oil typically lasts for much longer than a jar of cream. Only use as much as your skin needs: usually three or four small drops are enough. It should sink in quickly, so if the skin looks greasy ten minutes later, you have used too much.

Try layering under face cream. We like to apply facial oil under night cream, for double-whammy of effectiveness. Great for skins prone to dryness at any time - or in winter, when central heating wicks the moisture out of skin. Alternatively, put a little cream into your hands and blend it with facial oil using your fingers, before applying. This is a great way to make a not-quiet-moisturising-enough night cream a bit richer.

You can make your own blends or opt for one of the pre-blended oils which are increasingly widely available

CERAVE Skin Renewing Gel Oil - Hydrating oil for skin radiance


AMAYRA NATURALS Mridyati – Restorative Face Oil

Active Range Radiance Face Elixir Serum

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