Eye Care part # 6

Eye Care part # 6

Brows disappear… if we are not careful. They may get grey or more sparse. If you don’t tint them or color them in, your face will simply lose definition as the brows are the architecture of the face.

  • Brush on a mid-taupe/ grey-ish powder shadow to color your brows: This is most flattering for almost all brows, at this stage, to define them. 
  • Extend the brows outwards, not downwards: You need to follow the natural line of the brow. If you need to recreate the ‘end’ of the brow with make-up that may have lost with the age, make sure the line wings out towards the temples rather than down. 
  • Brush your brows to groom them: For many of us, brow hairs are literally all over the place. Brush them using brow brush/ old mascara wand washed thoroughly, apply colour, brush gently again. It gives a much more natural effect. 
  • Brush them again in case you use face powder: If you use face powder after your brush your brows, you need to brush them again else they’ll look “dusty” and “clean” brows is something really important.
  • Try a stencil: This creates a stronger brow look. Choose a shape that’s most flattering for you, then literally fill it with brow pencil. 
  • Balance the brows with face makeup: More on your eyes means subtler brows; less eye make-up means you can play up your brows.

Eyebrow Facelift:  ‘Clean’ and ‘Tidy’ brows are essential to a glossy, groomed look. If you have thick brows, then getting them professionally shaped can be very helpful. Even if the brows become sparse, a professional can often improve the shape. 
There is tweezing, waxing, threading, depilatories - a bunch of professional ways of shaping and tidying your brows. A word of warning: avoid over-plucking, if your brows are scanty, neglect them for a bit; applying olive oil or Vaseline every night may help them grow. 

Here are some tools to take care of them at home:


THE LIP BAR - USA Exact Arch Brow Pencil

THE LIP BAR - USA Dual-Sided Brow Brush


NYX Professional Makeup CONTROL FREAK EYEBROW GEL - Clear Eyebrow Setter


NYX Professional Makeup Waterproof Eyebrow Gel

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