Eye Care part # 5

Eye Care part # 5

None of us like the excess under-eye baggage, and as we age, skin loses elasticity, so the eye area can be more prone to swelling. Some of the best fixes we can try are…..
  • Sleep with an extra pillow: If you can sleep on your back, this extra elevation can help to prevent fluid from building up in the eyes area overnight.
  • Eye products with Caffeine: Some products containing caffeine as an ingredient can be especially helpful for soothing away puffiness.
  • Give a tea to your eyes: Since caffeine has proven useful for banishing dark circles, a low-tech solution is two tea bags, kept in the freezer and placed on the eyes to constrict blood vessels and drain fluid.
  • A roller-ball: Roll them around the puffy area in a circular/ outward motion, to disperse fluid. Alternatively, real silver/ silver-plated teaspoons kept in the fridge can be used to ’tap’ away fluid. 
  • Chilled, gel-filled mask: There are quite a few on the market, preferably the ones without eye holes as they offer more even pressure on the eye area. Place mask on the eye for 10-15 minutes and let the cool gel work its soothing magic.
  • No eye cream: Sometimes, the lines and wrinkle products can trigger puffiness if not used properly. If you think you are not using the right product to treat the wrinkles, then stop the product for 5 days and see if it's making any difference to puffiness. Careful while using the oil/ gel-based eye products as they are likely to travel into the eyes and your body will rebel in the form of puffiness and redness.
  • Reduced salt intake and alcohol: Cut down on salt and alcoholic drinks as both are linked with fluid retention. Same for food containing MSG. They are also part of processed food, mentioned by some other names. The safest way is to always eat fresh, unprocessed food. Food with a diuretic effect such as celery, cucumber, watermelon, radishes, and parsley.
  • Cardiovascular Exercises: It revs up the circulation that helps to eliminate excess water through sweating. A brisk 30-minute walk can work wonders for unpacking that eye baggage. A workout followed by a sauna or steam bath can flush out puffies miraculously.
  • Ice for Eyes: Stroke an ice cube over the skin, working in an outwards direction. If you are prone to broken veins, wrap it in clingfilm first. 

Along with all the above home remedies, we bring a treat for those tried and puffy eyes in the form of the below products.

As rightly said above, caffeine helps to reduce the puffiness and who else can we think of when it comes to caffeine-based products….mCaffeine

Naked & Raw Coffee Under Eye Cream


Gua Sha - Green Quartz

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