Be nice to your feet...

Be nice to your feet...

Feet are the foundations of the body: when they go wrong, it impacts on our whole being. Plus we want our tootsies in the best possible shape, not just to look good but to take us walking which is nature's best medicine - a good for our heart and lungs, and for improving bone density. Walking can also work as a weight-loss technique, if you put the miles regularly and vigourously. 

After about 35, we need to think of our feet in terms of much more than to show off fabulous shoes and glam nail polishes. Foot problem before that aren't unknown, of course - though they are usually shoe-related (corn and bunions in particular). But as we age, feet become more problematic. And our experience is that whenever we stop walking regularly - because of illness, injury or simply painful feet - then its no longer before everything feels like it's falling apart.

 Foot 'wellbeing' is vital. Unless the feet are happy, the rest of you is going to be miserable - and thats going to add 10 yrs to how you look. Give them some daily 'foot love' and you'll float along, looking like a sprint chick!

Treat yourself to some sexy, comfy shoes. Once upon a time, comfy shoes equalled 'old lady' shoes. Well, look at the comfortable shoes selection NOW! Choose the shoes that cushion our feet. This is crucial because the collagen in the sole of the foot dwindles, along with the collagen in our faces.

Buff, buff, buff. One of the basic but avoidable ways feet become painful is through the built-up of the hard skin - on the balls of the feet, the big toes, and/ or heels. A minute of daily exfoliation is literally all it takes to prevent this. Lightly whisk a foot file across the areas of hard skin. Do not use pressure because this compacts the layer of the skin, making the problem worse. 

Massage, massage, massage. Use a moisturiser every single night to keep feet soft and comfy. And work that balm or butter into hard skin areas with your fingers like a deep tissue massage so it breaks down any 'compacted' skin. 

Treat yourself to a medi-pedi. This isn't about polish and paint; its about ultra-efficient removal of hard skin, correct trimming of toenails, nail buffing, cuticle TLC, and diagnosis of any problems, which can then be professionally addressed. Once you have done your medi-pedi, its much more easier to do maintenance at home. In fact, given the choice between having our face and feet attended to, we'd choose feet everytime.

Go mad with nail polish. This is one area where you don't have to worry at all about 'age-appropriate'. So go a little wild: crazy metallic jade, pillar-box red, vampy , burgundy/ black, it'll make people smile. Especially you.  

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