All you need to know about "Footcare"

All you need to know about "Footcare"

You know your heart needs lots of TLC and so your feet. They are the workhorses of your body, taking about 5,000 steps a day. That’s 2.5 miles! Huh!!

So don't ignore the early signs of bacterial or fungal infections, corns, cracked skin, and bad odour, among others. Take care of your feet today!

Follow the simple tips to take care of your feet:

  • Give them a warm soak once in a while
  • Don't forget to scrub all the dead skin cells away
  • Moisturise right after!
  • Keep your feet dry to avoid infections
  • Use "Inari Naturals Almond Foot Detan" twice a week to get rid off pigmentation.

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