All About Makeup!! - Part # 2

All About Makeup!! - Part # 2

Make-up can really work miracles and can be alternative for “having work done” or even “Botox”. “Have a make-up makeover”.  The ten make-up essentials can melt away the years - blurring lines, delivering radiance and making skin look dewily fresher, smoother and younger.

  1. Makeup Primer - With silicones and light-reflecting pigments, a make-up primer also helps solve the problem of make-up that “disappears” into thin air, which can be particular problem of drier, mature complexions.
  2. A ‘line-smoother’ - They feature silicones and sometimes even nylon particles, and can be applied as required to deep grooves and finer lines. They simply sit on the skin’s surface, and can be patted into the skin to create a truly velvety surface.
  3. An anti-ageing foundation - Many foundations have age-defying properties. These can work in several ways: through the addition of skin-caring ingredients, plus moisturises to ensure skin looks ‘plumper’.
  4. A light-reflective concealer - The wand-style concealers go a long way to distinguishing the darkest circles and can lessen the appearance of deep grooves and lines.
  5. Cream blusher - The texture ‘melts’ into skin, so doesn’t look dusty. It also adds another layer of moisturising protection against the elements which is much needed once you hit 35 plus.
  6. Lip Pencil - It not only refines the lips but it helps prevent ‘lipstick’ from ‘travelling’ into featured lines.
  7. Lip gloss - Recent research showed that the plumpness of lips is a way that we gauge an individual’s age. Lip gloss is a fast-track to a juicier pout: a smooth on the lower lip makes them look instantly fuller.
  8. A bone-coloured cream eyeshadow - Always use a neutral eyeshadow as a base as it evens out the skin tone of the eyelids. Which tends to darken and redden with age.
  9. Brow colour - The defined, groomed brows help give much-needed structure.
  10. Waterproof Mascara - Eyes get touchier and well up more as the years roll by. The waterproof mascara stays put through hot flushes and survives watery eyes.

The small tip and tricks will really make wonders to your age.

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