All about makeup!

All about makeup!

Some key secrets thats everyone simply needs to know - because make-up isn't cheap and you want to get the very best value of the cosmetics you buy.

1. A Primer goes over moisturiser, under foundation

2. Apply eyeshadow and other eye make-up before your base, though.

3. For eyeshadow, it also helps to own a “blending blush

4. The time to apply light-reflecting concealer (or a brightener) is before foundation

5. Apply flaw-correcting concealers over foundation

6. Dry, dull-looking skin makes you look much older than you are.

7. You really don’t have to live with dry, cracked lips.

8. There’s a quick way to deal with eye-make-ups smudges

9. Remember: self-tanner will always look patchy unless you exfoliate and moisturise first

10. And whatever else you do, get a regular makeover.

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