A mineral foundation…

A mineral foundation…

Mineral make-up has been a huge beauty buzz over the past few years, and many women in 40s are converts. But it does require a new set of make-up skills, so if you’re going to try a mineral foundation.

Two things: The first is that, provided you use a good product and follow the advise, you’ll get a good coverage. Second, mineral make-up need not looks dry or cracked if you follow the instructions.

Moisturise your face: The mineral powder will adhere to the natural oils of your skin, but as there is no natural moisture in a mineral foundation you need to add some extra. If skin is too dry, the powder will end up looking just like a powder and not moisturiser. Always wait 10 mins after applying moisturiser to sink in before applying the makeup.

Use Specific mineral foundation brush: Some of these are “kabuki-style”: stubby and short-handled. Because they are almost circular, they work for the ‘swirl and buff’ movements that’s best for applying this type of make-up. Some brands have the powder in the handle of the brush.

Tip a little of the powder into the lid of the jar: If the powder is loose, never dip your brush directly into the mineral make-up - you’ll pick up way to much. A little is always all you need. If you require more, gently tip a tad more into lid, and swirl your brush in that. But all you’ll need is a pinch or so.

Then tap the brush: This dusts off any excess powder.

Swirl and buff: You apply mineral foundation by holding the brush at right angles to your skin, not at the sloping angle. Then rub the brush on your skin using circular movements, particularly focusing on your areas you want to conceal. You can gradually build coverage this way, until its level you want. This isn’t like normal face powder where you want to skin it over the surface: you’re really aiming to buff and push the powder into the skin. As with all foundation techniques, it takes a little practice, but it’s worth preserving.

Spot-target any veins, etc, with a fingertip dipped in powder: This is a great tip. Rather than continuing to layer on mineral powder, you can put a dab on the end of your finger and press it on to something you want to conceal (a broken vein, an age spot). The heat of your finger helps the powder to meld into the skin.

Try a setting powder if you find your mineral make-up disappears: In general, women report that mineral make-up lasts for longer than regular foundation. But if that’s not the case, try a specific mineral setting powder. Do not, however, try setting mineral make-up with your regular face powder: the textures don’t work well together. 

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